Dr. Phillip Yoo D.C.

Consumer Guide to
Stem Cell 

  • Why current Pain Management and Orthopedic options for joint and spine pain are failing millions of people
  • The basic science of stem cell therapy and how it works to repair and regenerate your body
  • How successful is stem cell therapy and how long will the results last?
  • How is a stem cell procedure performed?

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I’ve been a Beverly Hills chiropractor for 23 years. I injured my knee about two months ago in a pretty bad accident that resulted in a torn meniscus and was in severe pain. I had many different treatments ranging from: prolotherapy, magnetic therapy, electric therapy, chiropractic, and acupuncture, but nothing really got rid of the pain. I finally heard about Dr. Yoo and the laser therapy online and decided to try it out. I’ve had three treatments on my knee, and this weekend was the first weekend I was actually able to go exercise, and today I’m actually pain-free. It’s like a miracle because I actually was considering surgery. I’m extremely pleased with the results.

Dr. Harhari Khalsa, Beverly Hills, CA

I am an Internist Pulmonologist by training. I have been practicing for the last 45 years. I teach at USC and White Memorial and I am currently the director of both hospitals. I decided to see Dr. Yoo because of my chronic neck pain and severe left shoulder pain. He found out that I have degenerative disease on my cervical spine and left shoulder. He decided that laser treatment and decompression would be beneficial to my chronic pain. Since I have started coming, I have been feeling a lot better in this process. So I would like to say I’m doing better with this treatment. Thank you Dr. Yoo.

Dr. Reynaldo Landero, Santa Ana, CA

I am a retired Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon in Santa Ana. In the last 5 years, I have developed neuropathy and fortunately I am not a diabetic so I’m glad it’s idiopathic. The pain was so bad day and night that I’d hoped it did not have to come to them amputating my feet eventually. I have taken all kinds medications you could think of and nothing has worked. Finally, I read in the papers about Dr. Yoo who had a LRX 60 watt laser instead of the 12 watt laser like what most doctors have. I went to another doctor and it did not do me any good because I still had the pain day and night. In any case, after one visit with Dr. Yoo and his LRX 60 laser I noticed a very big difference after one visit. My pain went from a 10 down to a 5 for both pain and numbness. I have gotten to almost feeling the floor again with my feet. My neuropathy is getting better and better and I hope to one day very soon be able to run around the block how I used to. Thanks to the good care of Dr. Yoo and his staff.

Joseph Cavon, M.D., Santa Ana, CA

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